About the Butchery

Behind glass doors, and the glass fronted dry-ageing room, is that which ultimately defines The Village Butcher: tradition and family history.

Valuing family, hard-work and honesty above all else, I have decided to dedicate my time to mastering this craft. In 2018, this dedication culminated in the creation of The Village Butcher.

I have built close partnerships with some of South Africa’s best producers, developing a true understanding of the methods involved in farming some of the best meat in the country; necessary for anyone with ambitions of opening a butcher store of unprecedented quality. I not only drew on global influences and inspirations to create this unique store, but infused them with passion, family, and the celebration of food.

The Village Butcher offers an immersive experience in which every detail has been carefully curated. Above all there is dedication, dedication to the craft of butchery.